Supertech® 50mm '0' Center Scale Acrylic Radiopaque Rulers

Supertech 50 mm '0' Center Scale Acrylic Radiopaque Ruler

The '0' center acrylic radiopaque ruler is used for calibrating centers and quality control for radiographic x-ray & fluoroscopy equipment. Supertech® radiopaque rulers are lead-free and are safe for skin contact. We offer radiopaque acrylic rulers from 50mm to 156cm also a NIST certified line.

Acrylic radiopaque ruler is 1.5mm thick x 24mm wide and lead-free.

Supertech recommends cleaning radiopaque acrylic rulers with soap and water, to sterilize use ETO when needed. Do not use harsh chemicals, do not autoclave or steam clean.

Item Number Description
L-Acryl-50mm"0"Center Lead Free Acrylic Ruler '0' Center 50mm x 1mm graduations

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