Supertech® TFG Light Field Ruler©
Light Field Alignment Calibrator Tool

Supertech TFG Light Field Ruler

The TFG Ruler© is a Light Field Alignment Calibrator Tool. The TFG Ruler© is designed to work as a stand alone product, or to work in tandem with the Unfors DXR+ Light Field Alignment Tool.

  • When used with the DXR+ ruler, the TFG Ruler© can be used for x-ray field overlap measurements.
  • The TFG Ruler© gives a permanent record to support the instantaneous reading given by the Unfors DXR+.
  • The TFG Ruler© is 6 1/2" Long by 2 1/8" Wide by 1/8" Thick. The TFG Ruler© measures from the "Zero Point" to +5mm (+2in) and from the "Zero Point" to the -5mm (-2in)

FFDM X-Ray Field Overlap Measurement Instructions

TFG Ruler scan image

TFG Ruler alignment calibrator tool

Item Number Description
TFG-Ruler TFG Light Field Ruler

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