Supertech® 50mm, NIST Certified Acrylic Radiopaque Ruler

Supertech 50mm, NIST Certified Acrylic Radiopaque Ruler

The Supertech® 50mm Radiopaque Acrylic NIST certified ruler is lead-free and is safe for skin contact. These radiopaque rulers are calibrated and traceable to a National Institute of Standards Technology standard in Washington, DC. Each ruler is given a unique serial number and a calibration certificate.

Acrylic radiopaque ruler is 1.5mm thick x 25mm wide and lead-free.

Supertech recommends cleaning radiopaque acrylic rulers with soap and water, to sterilize use ETO when needed. Do not use harsh chemicals, do not autoclave or steam clean.

Item Number Description
L-Acryl-50mmNIST Lead Free Acrylic Ruler, NIST Certified 50mm x 1mm graduations

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